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Thread: tech-faq hacked :(

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    one of my directory was hacked and i think this is due to LOOPHALL. {just guessing}

    and other page is accessible but effected and not working correctly
    Premium Directory :: PR4 Submit Your Link :: Best Product Review and Price Comparison Site One LD :: PR1 Directory

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    Right now I'm seeing the hacked site with the silhouette of the guy with two assault rifles walking toward the moon.

    I'm also thinking the entire server might be hacked and not just the web site. Here is why. The hacker posted server stats on the page:

    uname -a : SuxLife ! ~

    Linux venus 2.6.28-16-server #57-Ubuntu SMP Wed Nov 11 10:34:04 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    Also, the <title> says "r00t3d By YazanRuleZ". rooted usually refers to hijacking the root account on a Linux machine. For those who don't know, root is the admin user, meaning the hacker might be in total control of the server and not just that one site. It's hard to tell looking from the outside, though.

    I might be wrong, though. I'm not sure if is on the same server, but it seems to be working correctly.

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    Who ever hacked it could of had all the people go to his
    proxy site :P = free submissions for the past 4 HOURS NOW !!!!!!!

    Also to see what other sites are hosted on Will's Server:
    and scroll down to where it says : Other Website On

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    Or you could just use bing and do this query



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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie View Post
    Or you could just use bing and do this query



    Doing that Brings:
    1-10 of 163,000 results

    don't know if Bing is broken :P

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    There is 163k pages on that ip address but if you look at the results the first 15 or so pages are the index files of individual domains so there is like 200 domains hosted on that ip.

    None others have been hacked that I could see (I checked like 40 or so) so I doubt the hacker really has root access to the server.


  7. Is it going to be safe to submit proxies(paypal process) after the hacking incident?

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    More than likely.. you don't actually submit your paypal details on this site.. you are redirected to paypal itself before you actually pay anything.

    And I got a question.. anyone here know Will well enough to contact him and let him know he's been hacked?


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    yes I guess will is out of town or something since he has not made any actions nor comments yet.
    Normally I can easily reach him by PM here

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    Looks like it is unhacked (that's a word.. right?) now


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