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Thread: tech-faq hacked :(

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    tech-faq hacked :(

    hi, today when i am going to submit my proxy, i saw that tech-faq hacked

    here is screenshot

    Premium Directory :: PR4 Submit Your Link :: Best Product Review and Price Comparison Site One LD :: PR1 Directory

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    I've left some messages for Will - it looks like only index pages were compromised.
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    Cant see screenshot, everything seems normal atm.

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    It seems to be fine now, but I think the ads are corrupted. They are not showing on the sides, they are all the way at the bottom

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  6. can see the screen shot. how dyou guys know its hacked?

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    You're right. It seems to be taken over again.


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    Yeah that is what I see.. also the proxy list doesn't appear on the proxy page for me either.


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    Who has a Grudge against Will ?

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    I doubt anyone has a grudge.. Just some script kiddie that has found a new exploit or something like that.. doesn't take any real skill to do but the kiddies get to feel all mighty for about 5 minutes..

    Same thing happened to me a few years ago. I had one security setting I overlooked and bam.

    Will just has to figure out how to they are getting in and close the door. Should be easy enough to find out by the logs.


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