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Thread: unable to submit

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    unable to submit

    I wasn't able to submit the site - evade unblock, unblock proxy, unblock at school as I get the error "A proxy from this domain has already been added to our database."

    Obviously with being part of the CentralNIC registry it's not a typical subdomain or free domain of any kind.

    Little help?

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    even i am unable to submit domains to any of the proxy lists by will

  3. They proxy list script maintains a list of valid second level domains.

    The current list is:

    • <-- very controversial!

    Are and really valid SLD's that should be added to the database?

    What other SLD's, if any, should be added?
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    there are many which can be added to the database

    i have to go out right now but i will edit my post and continue with the list later

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