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Thread: Need Proxy webmasters Opinion

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    Need Proxy webmasters Opinion

    Hello Guys,
    I need honest opinion from all proxy web master. I am thinking of starting glype proxy template website, this is however still a plan and completely depends upon what you people think.

    I can provide premium proxy templates for some affordable price lets say 4$ or 5$, which would be designed keeping Conversion rate in consideration.

    So i want to know if you guy would buy these templates ? As many of the webmaster are busy setting up new proxies everyday and design is something they give least time for.

    Your opinion will be highly appreciated !

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    There are a lot of free templates out there so you'd have to offer something unique that people would be willing to pay for, like high ctr (click thru' rate) for instance and once a template is sold you'd find it would be shared anyway so it could be had for free before too long. New templates are being made for free and tbh aren't that hard to make. I have a free template site already (in my sig) and the reason I haven't added to it in a while is because some people change or remove links, against license terms, and use for themselves. When I get more time I will add to it but I may just encode everything to be sure I won't get ripped off again. Paid templates are OK if there's a market but free seems to be the norm these days, and is a decent way to get some backlinks as well (my original plan). You or anyone else are welcome to add your templates to it of course, it could do with some 'fresh blood'

    I have (and still do) use different new themes but I use the old ones too because I know they'll have some income, without ctr there's little point, it's 'leaving money on the table' as the internet marketers say.

    If you have an idea then try it, it doesn't cost much these days to buy and host a site but getting the right sort of visitors is the hard part, without them it's going to fail I'm afraid. Don't let me stop you though, you might succeed and prove it's possible. There's even some good domain names available so it's do-able. Live the dream.
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    @UncleP That was really thoughtful, Thank yo so much. Anyone else ?

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    I would be open to paying for a Theme. I am looking for something for myself. Currently I am using Cool Water and I like that style alot. I want to use only 1 or 2 templates as I am putting up quite a few proxies and like that I can re use the config file over and over. Drop me a line with a price for 2

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    if you write an tenplate yourself ,some you will find other people have copy yours

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    You can always use dreamweaver, and alter a prexisting template. You could have a gfx master help you design the layout. also, I recommend you change the browse.php coding inside that certain glype script because some keywords inside the template are blocked, and some administrators servers will block your domain name.

    You can change the browse.php coding like this, when you download the latest version of glype, open the php file browse.php inside a text editor, dreamweaver, notepad ++, or any other text editor, and delete all the // comments. This will help your sites files not be blocked by a server when the bot crawls the server looking for "threats" or keywords that need to be banned.

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