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Thread: New Glype Template - CoolWater

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    New Glype Template - CoolWater

    Hi All,

    I have made a new glype theme from one of my favourite templates, the CoolWater one from styleshout. I may make some more too, feedback, criticism and comments welcome. I'm using it on a few proxies myself but I wont post them 'cause they're GeoIP limited and not everyone will see them. I have included a picture though. It is free to download and use as long as the footer links are kept intact (they are encrypted).

    Let me know what you think people

    Preview pic:

    Demo | Download

    Edit: I've now added a demo so it can be viewed full size, this is only a dummy proxy though, not a real one, so won't "proxify" anything. I would like to hear from those that try it, so I can see if it works properly or there's problems I need to fix.

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    Nice Theme.

    Thanks for converting it.
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    Well, I just love new themes. Thanks a lot.

    Looking forward to using it soon.
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    Thanks for Share

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    Thanks for the share and converting it. Looking good on one of my's domains.

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    loving the classic style
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