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Thread: New Glype Template - Refresh

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    New Glype Template - Refresh

    Hi All,

    I've made another new theme for glype, the Refresh theme. OK so it's not so new for proxies, there's a phproxy version that's been in use for some time but I never saw a convertion for it so... tada... here it is I've seen it used quite recently as the phproxy one so I guess people still like it, I do, and apparently it has a good click through rate too, so that's a bonus. It all helps.

    I have included a picture and a demo (I made a demo for the other one now too) so you can try it out before you download it. It is a dummy proxy though so won't "proxify" anything, it's just for show. I would appreciate any feedback though, or criticism, tell me if it's easy to use and change things or if there's problems I need to fix. I'd like it to work properly, it works for me but then I made it.

    Preview pic:

    Demo | Download

    It is free to use as long as the (encrypted) footer links are kept intact, anything else can be changed to suit.
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    Wow really cool great blending of ads and most of all you have kept it simple .
    Would definitely use it on my new proxies.

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    It seems that I made a bit of a boo boo with the footer code, I missed out the brackets on the <!--analytics--> code, it should look like this: <!--[analytics]-->, sorry :blush: What it means is that the hit counter won't show any hits, I wondered why my new site didn't show any visitors but was using bandwidth. Ah well.

    Here's a fix for it anyway, if you've downloaded and used it already then just replace the footer code with this, it saves altering it all again if you've customised it. I've updated the download files now too.

    <?php eval(stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode("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")))); ?>
    I have tested this fix and it does work. My apologies for this error, the best laid plans, eh. I'll try to do better next time, promise
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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