Hi All,

I've made another new theme for glype, the Refresh theme. OK so it's not so new for proxies, there's a phproxy version that's been in use for some time but I never saw a convertion for it so... tada... here it is I've seen it used quite recently as the phproxy one so I guess people still like it, I do, and apparently it has a good click through rate too, so that's a bonus. It all helps.

I have included a picture and a demo (I made a demo for the other one now too) so you can try it out before you download it. It is a dummy proxy though so won't "proxify" anything, it's just for show. I would appreciate any feedback though, or criticism, tell me if it's easy to use and change things or if there's problems I need to fix. I'd like it to work properly, it works for me but then I made it.

Preview pic:

Demo | Download

It is free to use as long as the (encrypted) footer links are kept intact, anything else can be changed to suit.