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Thread: Obsolescence: Free Proxy List Theme

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    Obsolescence: Free Proxy List Theme

    Proxies Lounge is releasing the first proxy list theme which it is compatible with the script from with 3 different color schemes.

    Download includes all the different themes and instructions how to install it, change color schemes and edit most of theme.

    Demos: Grey, Navy and BlackMatte
    Download: Download Now

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    WOW! Amazing themes.
    Now I want to start a proxy list haha

    Very nice job, as always mate !

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    thanks for the feedback, remember I'm not releasing the script, just the files required to activate the theme.

    I'm looking forward to integrate it with the proxy script that is completely free, I don't remember the name.

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    Great template! Thanks a lot, if I ever would change the list over at ProxB.Com, I'll change it into that.. but currently there is another project going on

    I'm also having a spare proxy listing template lying here, is it possible to donate it to you and get a little link to ProxB in the post in exchange? Let me know through PM, thanks

    - Aquarezz
    |Nico Lawsons

  5. Another great template... and for free


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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknb View Post
    Great template!
    I hope you'll create also UnikScripts Proxy Listing templates
    Thank you!.
    Sorry but I do not own the speedy script, I cannot integrate it unless I have the script.

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