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Thread: Proxy Templates That Provide Good CTR

  1. I would keep my eyes on proxieslounge, Jorge05r has been releasing the best templates i have seen in a long time !

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebEvader View Post
    I would keep my eyes on proxieslounge, Jorge05r has been releasing the best templates i have seen in a long time !
    yes, i am also doing same. and already use his templetes only on my proxy network till now, but now i am looking for more.
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    Some people think just because a template is simpler, plain, no style it will make more money but that is not completely true. A good designs important too, It solves problems, It creates solutions. It adds value to the website which makes lots of visitors to return again.

    I have a good idea for a good CTR template which will probably be released next month. The idea is to place ads on places where people who are not ad-blind will visualize it as a menu navigation from websites they are very familiar with such as myspace, facebook, youtube, etc.

    I will also post an article explaning ad blindness for those who don't know about it or would like to know more.

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    Underground gave me the best CTR till now
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    My Top 5 Themes High CTR

    1. default-pro
    2. adsense-proxy
    3. Underground
    4 Stunning
    5. Radiance

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    I'm making around $80-$100 per month from 1 proxy site's main page ads with this theme iProx Theme and I only spend approximately $30 to 40 per month advertising it.

    However I added a couple more ads other than the ones currently showing on the theme. I don't know if it's just luck, but the theme definitely is doing a great job. By the way I built it.

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