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Thread: Proxy Templates That Provide Good CTR

  1. Proxy Templates That Provide Good CTR

    Does anyone here test their proxy themes against each other, to see which ones deliver the best CTR (Click Through Ratio)?

    Which proxy themes have performed the best for you?

    Which proxy theme elements do you think are most responsible for good CTR numbers?
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    Well I have personally heard that underground template for glype provides good CTR, and I am using that on my proxies now. And I am getting good results as well... If anyone knows any template which provides good CTR, please do let me know too...

    To view the underground template, visit:

  3. Yea underground is good But custom templates get the best CTR ones like Web Proxy: Bypass filters

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    In my experience, really simple themes (white background), are the most effective. However, your proxy could quite easily be flagged as MfA.

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    Here is a small selection of the themes I've used. I use a lot of different ones, try to have a different on every proxy.

    Themes in order of best performing :

    • Underwater
      • Uses least ads of all themes.
      • One banner & one link unit
      • Not exactly graphic light
      • Its quite pretty, hah
      • Don't know Underwater? See it at Surf Skewl

    • Terrafrima
    • Atomohost
    • Redround
    • My modified version of Default Glype Theme
      • Main help is the link unit added under the logo area
      • See it at iSurf Proxy

    Other themes perform less than above but at around the same pace as each other. My custom theme Amazing-Color had a great start at performance but as since gone down due to some wildly irrelevant ads. I need to retarget them.

    Another thing I make sure of is to always have the ad units align correctly. I know I can't stand seeing two 336x Ads on top of each other when they should be next to each other.

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    I personally have not been able to find a trend in what provides a good CTR for proxy sites.

    Also Will, what would you define as a good CTR (even narrow that down to just proxy sites, but it would be interesting to see from your experience where you are pleased with a CTR for other niches also)?

    I did have some success with a plan white page with a standard blue adsense colours and hardly any content on the page (and I mean next to nothing) but keyword spamming via domain and url ?args (and the tiny amount of content) I have not been able to replicate this with out the keyword stuffing, nor have I been able to with the same keywords again for that matter!

    I just cannot find any trends. Todays CTR for my proxies is 0.25%
    Some sites that peak in CTR quite highly for a few days then bottom out for a few days

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    I've had a lot of luck with custom templates (eg:, along with the one @, and the one at, and as I look at some stats, one too. All these are >1%ctr. Lots of days I see upwards of 5% ctr, but the 1% is stats over 6months or so (depending on the proxy)
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    Discuss about proxy templete CTR

    hi, plz start commenting on proxy template.

    which is your favorite template and which template can give you more clicks,
    what is your ad placement techniques.

    If you like to share then plz share with newbie like me.


    till now i use only 2 template for my proxy.

    first is for freenetsurfing, template from proxieslounge
    second is for todaysnet adsense templete .

    i like ebasic template becaz this give me more clicks and clicks rates also high,
    i was think that adsense templete is looks good for adsense but i was wrong. got only 14clicks 42cent on 1k+ page impressions.

    now i am looking for more templates to use in near future. and will share more
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    Damn default glype template sucks !!!
    Indian & International webmasters are welcome !!!

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    @Soulzripper everybody know that, but then which one is your favorite.

    @nux but not too much comments there.

    looking for more comments.
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