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Thread: Searching for glype theme!

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    Searching for glype theme!

    Hi guys, i got a new proxy website, but i cant find a good theme, on my other website is use the theme simplex. I want a theme like that, but then for my new proxy, so it needs to be different, anyone here that can help me with it?


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    That theme is a one-off so if you want different just do a google search for "glype proxy themes", there are some new ones about, just not many. The old themes can still work though as some have a high click through rate so make you more revenue. It's nice to have a pretty one but I'd rather have the money myself

    Or you could try editing the css file to change colors, or make your own.
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  3. @ProxyU - We will be releasing a new Wood based proxy theme over at, hopefully by the end of this week so stay tuned!

  4. @ProxyU - That new theme has just been released... Check it out here!

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