I try to create new theme for glype.. is easy and fine. But there are error for counter visitor (user online and total visits) in homepage...

I use script php very simple for counter visitor. I use file file.php, file1.db (user online) and file2.db (total visitor)..

In root folder i put file privacy.php and terms.php, and threre are no error (you can see in tech-proxy.com/privacy.php and tech-proxy.com/terms.php). Counter visitor is fine, no error.

But when i try to access tech-proxy.com, counter visitors is not fine, there are error, still user online 001 and total visits 0000001.

in themes/mythemes i put file header.php, menu.php, footer.php, main.php, file1.db, and file2.db
in root folder i put privacy.php and terms.php

I have tried to move footer.php, file1.db, and file2.db in root folder, but still not function for homepage.

I think the problem is in main.php... anybody can help me?

PS:I am sorry my english is no good,