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Thread: Two New Glype Templates - Cloudy and Darksense

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    Two New Glype Templates - Cloudy and Darksense

    Hi All,

    I've been having a bit of a play these last couple of weeks and I've made two new glype themes (and some more proxies). The second one's had the best ctr, but the first is nice and colorful (well they are aimed at a younger audience) and has been in use for about a month now. I had seen it before but it didn't have a sidebar, so I re-made it with one (and why not).

    Preview pic:

    Demo | Download

    The second theme is one I'd seen on a proxy but haven't been able to find to download myself, so I found the original WP template and made one from it. It's based on the popular 'Adsense' theme (which can be downloaded) but is black and orange, instead of white and blue, it's just a reversed color version. I've made a few changes so the link box at the bottom expands (or contracts) with more (or less) links, so a whole load can be added without making it look scruffy, as well as other links, banners or ad networks too if needed. I've made the footer fixed and it can't be added to but I think it looks good enough. I do seem to get better clicks from the darker themes tho' and every little helps, the middle ad's have had the most clicks in tests I've done over the last week or two (although I'm not making any guarantees or promises)
    I think this one will be my new favorite now.

    Preview pic:

    Demo | Download

    They are both free to download and use as long as the copyrights and (encrypted) footer links are kept intact. I'd like to have some feedback/critism tho' to see how easy they are to setup and use, if someone would be so kind. I have tried to make them as flexible as I can but if they have any failings I'd like to know, for quality control purposes of course

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    Thanks for the darksense theme.

    Since I already have a "cloudy" based proxy theme, no thanks for that.
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  4. both looks awesome... well done buddy

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    Demo link not working for me.
    please correct demo link

    Edit =========
    Demo working fine now
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