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Thread: What's the difference between Backlink Checker & Reciprocal Link Checker?

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    Arrow What's the difference between Backlink Checker & Reciprocal Link Checker?

    Backlink Checker finds all backlinks for URL. This tool works like Backlink Watch, but it is much better. Backlink Checker:
    1. Finds more backlinks. Often finds more than 1,000 backlinks.
    2. Is much more powerful.
    3. Predicts Future Google PR with 95% accuracy.
    4. Works faster.
    5. Allows you to save .csv reports.
    6. Allows you to receive reports to email.
    7. Allows you to check many sites at a time.
    8. Allows you to save & track data.
    9. Provides more detailed reports.

    Reciprocal Link Checker does NOT find backlinks. It checks whether or not your links are alive on the list of pages which you upload to this tool. OurReciprocal Link Checkerwill allow you to automatically & free:
    • check your links presence on link backs pages;
    • check a list of links (for instance, links from excel report);
    • check Page Rank of your links;
    • check broken links to your website;
    • check no follow tags of your links;
    • check if your backlinks were not removed within a week, month or a year;
    • provide with you detailed reports, which you can receive to email or upload from the site.

    This tool is desi
    gned for people who uses SEO's services. When a SEO company provides you with an excel spreadsheet report containing location of built links for your website, you can check whether or not your links are still there with the help of this Reciprocal Link Checker.

    Yaroslav Korchagin
    SEO Tools For SEO Experts Team

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    Nice. I never used them, will check it out

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    He he, nice way of promoting your own website. It also helps the people because of the info you are giving. I have already checked your website tools, It is truely cool. Thanks for sharing it with us

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