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Thread: 10 Free Scripts to Create Your Own Url Shortening Service

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    10 Free Scripts to Create Your Own Url Shortening Service

    Since the popularity of Twitter started to rise and the 140 characters mania began, there has been an outburst of Url shortening services which allow you to sqeeze a long url in the given limited space. There are many url shortening services out there which are both free and easy to use.

    There is no doubt, that till services like Twitter are there, these url shortening services are no where to go.

    Moreover, mechanisms like these let us turn ugly long urls into shorter ones which are easy to manage and are rememberable also. On the other hand, there are several scripts available which let you shorten urls when installed on a server that you manage. So you own the service and it can be used for either personal, public or commercial use.

    Many popular websites like friendfeed, gigaom, digg etc already use such methods to easily distribute their content in digital as well as print format.
    If you are looking to create a similar service for yourself, check out these scripts that we have compiled together.

    More Details - Article - Link and Source:

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    Thanks for sharing a wonderful list.

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    and if anyone want site to use this facility and not want to create own then go here Sign URL - Shrink Long URL | Shrink Long Links
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