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Thread: ADF.LY CLONE SCRIPT PHP/MYSQL - earn money with shorten urls

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    ADF.LY CLONE SCRIPT PHP/MYSQL - earn money with shorten urls

    Have you always wanted to make money with own clone?

    Now you can start with your own service like
    Advertisers and publishers can sign up and start making a profit together with you.

    Features :
    -Url Shrinking
    -Mass URL Shrinker
    -Export Links and Statistics
    -Professional Theme/Design like ADF.LY
    -Tracking system
    -SEO Friendly
    -Advanced Admin panel
    -Advertiser's panel
    -Advertisement system
    -Referral earning system
    -Withdrawal System
    -Publisher's panel
    -Monthly Click Stats Graph
    -TOP 20 Country Stats
    -Top 20 Site referrers Stats
    -Pay and get paid with Paypal
    -AJAX Login & Registration (ADVERTISERS and PUBLISHERS)
    -Protection system (100% SECURE)
    -Fraudulent clicks Detection and prevention (so you only pay for unique views)
    -Members area with graph statistic and balance
    -Geo Targeting (Different rate for Countries)
    -Geo Targeting (ADVERTISERS)
    -Full source code

    and many many more....

    Script Requirements:

    -Linux / Windows
    -Apache Web Server
    -MySQL (version 4 +)
    -PHP 5(version 5 +)
    -GD Library 2 or higher
    -Apache mod_rewrite Enabled

    Some screenshots:

    download all screenshots -

    demo -

    Shrinker Acc - login pass
    Advertiser Acc - login pass

    Script Price for first 3 buyer: 50 $
    After that, the script cost: 80 $

    Multiple domains license - 200 $
    Resell rights license - 500 $

    For the moment we accept payment only from Paypal
    if you are interested please contact me by e-mail -

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    Are you the creator of the script?

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