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    The website was released for beta testing on January 11th after 4 months of development and work. In the last 9 days, all the bugs were fixed and player requests were taken into account. World One was Beta stage and World Two is ready for release. We're looking for a good buyer who can take this site from us and can invest in advertising. The website currently runs on dedicated server from iWeb and the site consumed 6GB of BW this month with 23,000 page views (700+ visitors).

    Admin Backend -

    The backend is easy to use and is dynamically paged so that you don't waste much bandwidth. It has a sidebar to access various features and is extremely easy to use (full documentation will be provided to the new owner).

    1. You can add items, moves, characters, new anime series, quests and reward packages
    2. All aspects of the item (length of existence, price, type of item, how it effects stats etc)
    3. All aspects of the character (price, max stats, base stats, type, description, amount of EXP required to get to the next level etc)
    4. All aspects of the move (move available from level, no of move upgrades, passive,non-passive, effects of the move, duration of effects, etc)
    5. Rewards - rewards the player gets after completing a quest
    6. Quests - Item Collection Quests (item to collects*no of items), Battle Quests (max 3 characters can be selected at particular level and moves can be assigned to them, also you can specify requirements based on win/lose ratios or quests completed to be able to access the quest, reward packages)
    7. Manage Players (view player details and delete them)
    8. Send e-mail to all players

    Since the game is in working mode, admin details cannot be provided. Some knowledge of basic HTML is needed to edit the front page ,for extra features like improving EXP gain for higher levels, changing the level cap and to change the Virtual Currency widget. (Detailed instructions will be sent to the new owner)

    Front End -

    1. Can buy characters, items from the store
    2. Can create clan and invite other members. Can set rankings within the clan
    3. Are ranked by EXP, Zeny (money) and Win/Lose ratio
    4. Can do item collection quests and exchange items for other items
    5. Can do battle quests to get exp and items
    6. Can do battle with other players
    7. Can chat with other players with in-game Gmail style chat
    8. Can have upto 3 characters on a battle team
    9. Each character can learn up to 10 moves
    10. Each character can developed and be built according to the stats
    11. Each character is ranked on the ladders

    Check it out for yourself, username - sandy, password - rocky

    The website also has in-game chat system similar to GMAIL.

    The site uses no FLASH and is completely coded in PHP/MySQL/AJAX. You can even play this game from your phone browsers but you will need to manually reload after each attack.

    Currently we have about 20 dedicated players got through posting on FB and Youtube. We haven't promoted at all. Just uploaded around 7 videos to youtube and 4 on Facebook. Backlinking has already been done. The website ranks on the front page of Google for many keywords like "Naruto Bleach Multiplayer" "Hitman Reborn Multiplayer" and a few more. It's on the second page for even more keywords like "Hitman Reborn MMORPG". It's only a week old. We estimate far more after more time. We've already added the site to the top 100 social bookmarking websites and to most in the top 100 do follow directories. On-Page SEO has been done and the crawl rate is impressive. We accidentally allowed crawlers to enter the site before it was ready and over a 1000 pages were indexed in 24 hours. Inner page linking is perfect and allows for full crawler access. The domain is over a year old.

    The game now has over 220 playable characters (300+ characters including ones used for quests), over 1500 moves, 100 quests and 40 usable items. Each character has 10-20 moves and they were edited and perfected through weeks of testing. Each character needs a different amount of experience to level up. All this work took around 2 months to complete and it was done side by side with the programming. Our programmers are experienced and excellent to work with and you can use them to add or edit any feature in the game. Player requests have been taken into account and the game has been edited accordingly.

    We are looking for a new buyer who can invest some money into advertising and make the game alive. You will have access to the programmers of the game and they can make changes if you wish. One Piece not yet been fully utilized. More characters need to be added along with more items.

    Accounts will be given along with the website - FB, Youtube, gmail

    Server costing $89/month will also be given. If you need the website to be transferred to your own server, all the files come to around 800MB. A few minor commands need to be made on your server and you will have to wait for the programmers to help you with that.

    The new owner has full rights to the script and it will not be resold or reused by us. You can easily make multiple MMORPGs with it.

    We use virtual currency and Adsense to monetize the website. We tried using MATOMY but they gave us only $0.1 for 3 conversions (they didn't reply to my email asking why, not working with them anymore). We use CPALead and AdscendMedia now.

    CPALead - (I haven't been using this much since I haven't requested for an upgrade to a Gold Account (or whatever) )

    AdscendMedia - (the best incentive network I've used. great offers, easy conversions!)

    Adsense - stats attached. The reason for the low impressions one day was because we tried Adbrite (took about 6 hours to get ads and when we got the ads, it was just self-promotion).

    With around 1,000 players, you can earn well over $1,000/month with Adsense alone. If you know anything about MMORPGs and their potential to earn, you will regret missing this sale.

    Or, you can go another way with CPM. With just 700 visitors this month, we received over 20,000 PV.

    Traffic is mostly organic and referred from FB and YT. You can see the traffic screenshot from Analytics. The traffic posted on the sales thread is an estimate as to what it would be if it had ran for a month. (please see Analytics attachment as proof of claim)

    Attachments - domain/uploads/sale
    Payment Methods - Wire Transfer, Escrow, PayPal, Western Union
    Included in sale - domain ,full IP rights to the script, all accounts associated with the domain, server costing $89/month from iWeb (paid for 30 days after purchase)
    After Sales - you will be directed to the programmers who will help you move to your own server (free) or make any changes or edits you want (at your expensive of course)

    Price for 1 copy is $150
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