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Thread: BookmarkPoster standalone v.1.3

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    Cool BookmarkPoster standalone v.1.3

    BookmarkPoster v1.3 bookmarking on drugs!

    BookmarkPoster is autobookmarking script.

    Easy install and use. Cause my marketer skills are not best im not going to tell any long bull****.

    Ok so right to the thing!

    For now is supported 32 websites listed below:

    1. A1-Webmarks
    2. Bibsonomy
    3. Blinklist
    4. Dzone
    5. Gabbr
    6. Jumptags
    7. Linkarena
    8. Mister-Wong
    9. QuadRiot
    10. Searchles
    11. Spotback
    12. Tumblr
    13. Twitter
    15. Diigo
    16. LinkaGoGo
    17. Google Bookamrks
    18. Yahoo Bookmarks
    19. Myspace
    20. Delicious
    21. Faves
    22. Joontz
    23. StumbleUpon
    24. Filbe
    25. Newscola
    26. Spurl
    27. Oneview
    28. NewsBomb
    29. Bookmarkindo
    30. Identi
    31. Youblogged
    32. Blurpalicious

    So as you can see on main screen you can enter your link, title, description and tags. (thats the data we use for bookmarking)
    Theres no point to enter description longer than 500 characters it will be cutted shorter if you do.
    On the right side youll see currently activated accounts (you can use always less if you like).

    Well here's accounts configuraton screen you can get here by clicking configure account's on main screen.
    Thats the place youll enter your login details not much to explain (any site leaved with blank username will be skipped).
    Also its great idea to click that clear cookies button sometimes especially if you change account details.

    Next screen is settings tab.
    Here you can configure timeout values (some site are slower some faster also depends of your connection)
    Theres no point to add value bigger than 30 seconds even 30 is too much. (smmary of all values should not be more than 300 seconds)
    Thats because the script max. execution time is set to 300 seconds. Ofcourse you can push that limit by configuring php.ini and apache.
    Also possible to set referer you like to show websites where their traffic comes. Put whatever you like there your own site or google or whatever you want.

    Next one is errors scree where you can find any errors in connection to help you set the timeout values on settings screen.

    And finally lets get to the submission.
    You will be displayed any errors during submission those results will not be saved.
    Is there something wrong with your text, title, tags, link or login details all these will be displayed so you can make corrections.

    Any questions?

    You can test live demo with my accounts HERE BOOKMARKPOSTER STANDALONE

    Price: 50$
    Purchase directly from website

    Please read our EULA before any purchase which can be found HERE!

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    I just bought a copy. But haven't received the files. How long does it take to get to me?

    Update: I just received the files.
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    Hey please pm me your PayPal just sent recently all bought copies out. If you havent received your copy i can send it again.

    Update: Great if you need any support feel free to contact me

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