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Thread: Class to scrape Pornhub, Keezmovies, TNAFlix, Extremetube, and RedTube for content!

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    Arrow Class to scrape Pornhub, Keezmovies, TNAFlix, Extremetube, and RedTube for content!

    Was bored the other day and was talking to someone and they mentioned most tube scripts out there that allow embeding from all the big tubes scrapers were crap, so I wrote this class to scrape the tubes and give you all the information you need to start your own embed tube site!

    It currently supports,,, and I have plans on adding tons more sites to the lineup also with more features.

    It will grab you the url of the video, title, thumbnail, and reconstructs the embed code and even allows you to set the width/height of the player in the class so you don't have 3 different player sizes when generated.

    Will go as many pages deep as you want. If you wanna scrape the last 10 pages of porntube, go ahead it will do it.

    Example usage, it's easy, and can be used with any script:
    PHP Code:
    = new Scraper;
    $tubeData $Scraper->getData('Pornhub:10');
    '<pre>'print_r($tubeData); echo '</pre>';
    What that will do is scrape Pornhub's last 10 pages and output an array of all the videos found with the embed player width/height set to 300px by 250px.

    Another example:
    PHP Code:
    = new Scraper;
    $Scraped = array('Pornhub' => $Scraper->getData('Pornhub:5'),
    'Keezmovies' => $Scraper->getData('Keezmovies:5'),
    'Extremetube' => $Scraper->getData('Extremetube:5'),
    'Redtube' => $Scraper->getData('Redtube:5'),
    'Tnaflix' => $Scraper->getData('Tnaflix:5'),
    $tubeData array_merge($Scraped['Pornhub'],
    $tubeData as $videoData)
    mysql_query('INSERT INTO DATABASE QUERY');
    That will build another array, merge them all together into 1 giant array, then shuffle them and insert them into your pre-existing database and you can have an instant tube site that will automatically update itself, just by setting a cron tab to run that code every minute/hour/day/week/whatever you want.

    Price is $199.95 for the unencoded class. If you want a script built around it I'm open to discussion, or if you want it integrated into your pre-existing script I can do that also.

    You can contact me on AIM: fknvdscom or ICQ: 461013230
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