1. PHP Favicon Generator Script - The script has a few features and requirements when uploading your image to be converted to a favicon. First the script checks for a few things such as file type, file size, and the specified dimensions. You can create a 16×16 icon or a 32×32 icon.Just select the image file you want converted to a 16×16 or 32×32 icon and hit submit! It’s that easy .

2. PHP Upload and Resize Image - Many times when you upload a image somewhere you want to resize it to different dimensions based off of a maximum width or height. Here is a simple script that does this for you, using a HTML form and a PHP script.

3. Simple File Hosting Script - It has some nice features such as:

* Allowed file extensions.
* File size limit.
* Generated file names.
* BBcode, IMG code, Url, etc.
* Terms of Conditions

Generated file names on the server are created using the functions rand() and the md5() hash generator.