DownTube Script is for sale
This is a custom made script, and you wont be able to buy it from anyone but me

The script is download to your server the video, then coded it with FFMPEG to extensions.
You can edit the Values in the "config" file.
You can redesign it (Very simple).
You get EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for this script!
The script not working, you need to change there something, I don't programmer, The site will sell AS-IS!

How DownTube works?
It's very simple, just put Youtube video URL in the input then click on "Grab".

API System
To use the api system you just type like this in the url:

DownTube Features:
-Support FLV
-Support MP4
-Support MP3
-Support PSP
-Support AVI
-Support MPEG
-Support MOV
-Support WMV
-Support Custom extension (the user choose the output extension)
-Create thumbnails of the video
-API System
-Player for Play the output file
-Working on both Linux/Windows Hosting
-Delete all the files after 24Hours
-Count the converted videos

Revenue Sources (For the owner)
You have multiple revenue sources: Adsense, Adbrite, ClickSor, CPALead, etc.

-cURL support
-file_get_contents(), exec() support enabled
-ffmpeg support
-CronJOB support



Convert Your Videos To FLV, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPEG - Youtube2Mp3

Package Include:
-Script Content
-Logo PSD
-Template PSD
-Coded Template
-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for the script

Have any questions?
Feel free to message me, or ask a question in this thread.

Want to buy?
Message me for payment details.