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Thread: File Download Script

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    File Download Script

    This PHP file download script allows you to provide indirect download links to files on a server.


    * Download tracking via a log file of IP address and date
    * Deter bots by the use of a browser cookie
    * Limit repetitive downloading via the cookie
    * Display friendly URLs for the download links
    * No database required
    * No admin interface or login is needed
    * Easy installation
    * Tests included

    Download link:

    After using it, please provide your feedback.
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    Is this one of your scripts?

    I am currently using a modified version of the old download script from osCommerce, but am always looking for something better.
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    Is this one of your scripts?
    Yes, I coded it.

    Now I am trying to avoid databases and graphical user interfaces. KISS principle.

    Hot on the heals of this free script will be an auto-responder email-sequencer.
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