Hi. I wrote a greasemonkey script that provides an alternative to putting people on your ignore list. I'm calling it "Troll Filter for vB".

It's mostly useless except it's good for a chuckle. I just wanted to do a greasemonkey script since I hadn't before.

Here's an example of me using it at DP's Politics and Religion forum.

Here's the script:

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Troll Filter for vB v1.0 beta
// @namespace      http://footabulous.com/trollfilter
// @include        http://forums.digitalpoint.com/*
// ==/UserScript==

//(function() {

var defaultReplacement = 'General Tard lives here!!!';

// Usernames should be all lower case.
var badUsers = {

  'example_user_1': defaultReplacement, 

  'example_user_2': '<span style="font-size:150%; font-weight:bold; color:#ff0000;">I\'m a goob!!!</span>', 


var tableList = document.getElementsByTagName('TABLE');

var postElemsToReplace = new Array;
var aList, postID, i;

for (i in tableList)
  if (/post\d+/.test(tableList[i].id))
    aList = tableList[i].getElementsByTagName('A');

    for (var j in aList)
      if (aList[j].className == 'bigusername')
        if( aList[j].innerHTML.toLowerCase() in badUsers) 
          postID = 'td_post_'+tableList[i].id.match(/\w+?(\d+)/)[1];  

          postElemsToReplace.push({element:postID, user:aList[j].innerHTML.toLowerCase()});

for (i in postElemsToReplace)
  var postMessageEl = document.getElementById(postElemsToReplace[i]['element']);

  postMessageEl.innerHTML = badUsers[postElemsToReplace[i]['user']];

There's a little bit more of a description here.