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Thread: Free URL Shortening Script

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    Okay, here is a manual captcha addon for the script.

    I wanted to automate this and add it to the adminCP but I've obviously not got the time for that at the moment; so in any case, to avoid further delay, I put together this manual update that will add standard captcha functionality.

    How To Install :

    Read the README file

    Short Version :

    Upload the captcha folder to your domain
    Upload the new index.php
    Edit the style.css with the included declarations in the readme file

    I apologize again for the delays as well as not automating this or having it in the adminCP yet.
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    big thanks dtkguy. you help me a lot on this script!

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    is there a working demo for this?
    thanks, I've bookmarked this page and will check it out later from home.
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    Happy to help.


    I no longer run any url shorting sites, you could try looking through the thread to see if members here posted theirs. You could also check out Mr.Bill's at Kazog, but his is customized so it is not representative of the downloadable script version.

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