Ok, this project was going to be sold for a large sum of money to begin with (we were originally looking at selling the final product for $97).

However, some things have stumbled up in life, and I haven't been able to meet the final ideas I had for the project.

So I am selling this tool for $5 to the ***first 20 people only***

So what does it do?

Well I have spent a while getting it to work right, and it does what it says on the box, it pretty much automates generating Twitter accounts. All you have to do is keep entering the Captcha codes and pressing return. All the accounts are stored in a HTML file in a easily readable table format along with their usernames, passwords, full names and also the email account to go with them.

The program also has proxy support, HOWEVER, I have only been able to find a couple of proxies that wish to work with Twitter, so this support isn't the best, but it does work if you can find a good proxy.

The program also exports a list of the generated usernames to an accounts.txt file that can easily be used with TwitterFriendAdder to get your newly generated accounts to a big kickstart with followers.

If you would like to take up on this offer, either reply to this thread or PM me.

I am also giving away reseller rights for the program for $20, PM me if you are interested in that.

I am also considering selling the entire source for the project as I no longer have time to add extra features etc, so any programmers feel free to PM me about that, the source also has partial random avatar upload support in, that I have not had time to complete.