Hi everybody,

I sell my PHP script that can really help you in taking Full Control of Your Traffic!
With Country Redirect Pro you can easily redirect visitors by country!

The best part about Country Redirect Pro is that you can tailor any part of your site to be country and user specific. For example, if users from Spain access index.php they will be redirected to spain.php. Then when they try to go to aboutus.php they will be directed to spaininfo.php. You can do this for every part of your site so that the user experience is completely customizable based on where the user is from.

- Easy Script Installer
- Auto Detect the Visitor’s Country
- Redirection Based on User’s IP
- Full Source Code
- Geo IP db importer/updater
- IP Ban
- Multiple Redirection Rules Per Country
- Mass redirection of the site visitors from countries not specified

Example of Use: imagine to redirect US/UK/Canadian/etc. users to content pages monetized with the CPAlead gateway and users from other countries to pages monetized through Adscend Media's gateway in order to maximize your earnings...

More info on how to redirect visitors by country here...