Hosting Review Script
100% Searching Engines Friendly - Revenue Sharing - Adsense Compatible

Hosting Review Script is script that you can review hosting companies (like Hostgator and more), you also can earn money by putting Adsense advertisements.
Powerful admin panel that control everything in site.

How Hosting Review Script works?
1- View Hosting Review
Since the website is 100% Seo each category and hosting pages will be indexed with its name in URL and Keywords and Description so it will gets high traffics from searching engines.
2- Website Visitors
Can either view reviews only without need to register, the website is very interactive and easily to use with alot of options.
3- Website Members
Any visitor can register in just few seconds after that will have abilities to add his own review and comments with lovely simple control panel and also can create own profile.
Hosting add won't shown untill the admin approve it from admin control panel
4- Website Benefits
It has benefits for both admin and members as following:
getting traffics and also ads views at the whole website and it support text and none text ads with very easy way to change ads from admin control panel
have abilities to add his adsense code when add an hosting review so that when someone view that review will view the ads depends on the ratio of sharing.
Sharing Ratio
For example if it was 80% it means for every 10 views of an hosting page, it will shows 8 times the ads only of the review poster and 2 times the ads only of the admin.

Hosting Review Script Features:
  • 100% Searching engines Friendly Very SEO
  • Valid CSS/XHTML Web 2.0 Style
  • Attractive style And Profile For Hosting Posters
  • Easy Open Account
  • Interactive Categories
  • Interactive Members Control Panel
  • Sharing Revenue Options With Hosting Review Posters
  • Print And Share Options With WaterMark Of Site Name
  • Top Rated Hosting
  • New Added Hosting
  • Advance Search
  • Report Hosting Abuse
  • Rating System
  • Comment System
  • Contact us
  • Visitors can register and start create profile here is screen shot of profile example
  • Each Member will have control panel where can add new hosting - edit profile - edit login informations - review all hosting reviews added and weather apporoved or still unapproved.
  • Each hosting added and be added with own Adsense Pub ID so it act like sharing options of ads views at hosting pages.
  • Also hosting review page has print option here is screen shot of print option with watermark of website name.
  • Easy installer (1,2,3 ...done )

And More

Admin Features
-Categories Management ( Add/Edit/Delete Categories )
-Each Category With Title And Description And Logo
-Hosting Management ( Add/Edit/Delete/View/Approve Or Disapprove Hosting)
-Users Management ( View/Add/Edit/Delete Users Informations And Profile )
-Comments Management ( View/Edit/Delete Users Comments )
-Content Management With Text Editor To Edit Any Page At The Website Like CMS
-Adsense Sharing And Ads Code ( Sharing Ratio - Text Ads Code ) Support Any Text Ads Not Only Adsense
-Banners Management Add Banners Appears In Random Way At Channel Page
-Website Settings ( Admin username/password/name/email - Website Title - Website Name - Keywords - Description - Slagon - Footer Copyrights )
-Newsletters To Send Emails To All Members Or Certain One
And More

Revenue Sources (For the owner)
You have multiple revenue sources: Adsense, Support Any Text Ads Not Only Adsense.

-PHP 4 and above
-MySQL Database
-GD Library 2 or higher
-register_globals = 'On'

1 License - 9.99$ (Can install the script on only 1 domain)
Resell Rights - 19.99$ (Can Resell the Script with this name)


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