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Google love blogs you know it, right?! But they care on frequent updation! Its tough to get frequent and fresh content to manually update blogs especially if you've got more than a blog.

I can do that hard work for you in updating all your blogs on auto-pilot in couple of click so just sit in couch, relax and collect the cash!

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A New, Never Before Seen
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The Automated Blogger Poster can update an
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Build strong a Passive money making emperor network with
automated huge number of blogs with AdSense [$$$] or backlinks to your main site and other affiliate links....

  • Save on Investing with Number of Tools for each blog!

  • Only Tool Supports

    • Blogger
    • WordPress (Hosted, Self Hosted & Multi User)
    • Drupal CMS
    • TypePad, Tumblr, Windows Live Spaces, Vox
    • Square Space, LifeType, FlatPress, Multiply, MovableType

  • With Automated Blogger Poster that costs you $0.00 because you can use free Blogger Blogs or other blogs with it which does not even cost a Penny.

  • Control all your Auto Pilot Blogs in a Single Panel in Single Click! Control the Panel remotely from MAC/ PC or even with your Mobile Phone!

  • Centralized Panel for your 1000+ Blogs network!

  • ABP will post content to your blog network automatically at any time as you need!

  • This system will look at all the posts in your RSS feeds/ YouTube Videos/ Yahoo News/ ClickBank Products and automatically post the one with the most superior content!

  • No more Grammatical Errors with crazy translators or rewriters and make the Post crappy!! With V3 it now Possible with InBuilt 45000 Synonyms it can Automatically Rewrite any Post content!

  • Make to more unique by adding Custom Text at the beginning and ending randomly

See the complete list of Features

This System Will Run Itself 24/7 On AutoPilot!
Bizz Control with PC/ Mac/ Mobile Phone or anywhere!

"You Can add YouTube Videos, CB and Yahoo News to Your Posts!"

Do you think that making money continuously with RSS Feed alone is possible? I hope we can have some other sources too..

Yes! Not only RSS any more! Go with CLICK BANK products, YAHOO NEWS, YOUTUBE Videos! Soon i will add up this list with more!!!

Unlimited Blogs! Unlimited Content!
One Click, One Place!

Think BIG! Yes! YOU Can ADD any number of blogs in a single installation of ABP! Its not limited to Blogging platforms too!

How easy all are in one place to get managed right? With V3 all your Blogs whatever it may, Blogger or WP or other in a single panel aad get them managed in a single place without even switching the Tabs
Now clicking button posts to all your platform automatically too.

Strip/ Change Links, Ad codes, Scripts and all other Unwanted Text From Extracted Content

Are the links or words annoying you in Post content! Your BLOG so you have the POWER too. You can choose your own content get mode! No more get the crappy text in post content, either strip or replace the backlinks or text you don't need and make it your own even by replacing it!

WHO will promote my blogs?? autoblogs??

Why can't you do that? Ahh... PROMOTING a Blog is a trouble. right??? No time right?
Don't pay for any one or any tool for the promotion of your Blogs! Just use the FREE AUTOBOOKMARKER feature
With AutoBookmarker Submit your Blogs to 30+ BookMARKing Sites for FREEE!!
Your AutoBlogs can add up a huge network for your Master Blog too! So no more extra PAYS to any one!!

I am Natural.... Google Loves me!!!

Its a fact that Google loves Blogger Blog! But it now loves ABP too.. Since the Problem of Dup content is no more here Blogs created with ABP has high potential of listing with huge density to major keywords!

P.S: ABP users say that they are making $300/mo/Blog with Adsense alone. It's Completely Adsense Safe.

How EASY to USE??

You will receive a full step-by-step guide! The script will automatically install in your server in couple of clicks!

Have a look in Demo here!!

Also the complete encyclopedia of online reference is here!

With the "Basement Blog Network" book that comes with this script, you will have everything you need to build and manage your blog networks!

Sill no time??, I can do it for you - just contact me!

  • You need a hosting package [No problem you can even use for free hosting or else any other] with PHP
    5+ support.

You can have your own system up and running within minutes of your investment and be making money... TODAY!

"Looks Cool, So How Much Does This Cost?"

Auto blogging tools on the market can cost you 100+?? Right?? That too Montly or YEARLY with even less features are priced over 100 dollars! With ABP fully loaded features that can literally make you earn several thousand dollars each month on an auto-pilot for life-time, How much can I charge it for? $300? $500? $1000?

Ahhh! Just a One-Time Payment!

Now $57 USD

"Free LifeTime Updates & Support"

Launch of version 3.0, with totally cool, new features, should makes you understand how far i am doing work on this. ABP V1 was sold for a cheap price and everyone who purchased back then have all received the upgrade to 2.0 for free! Just like that, when 4.0 comes out, even if I raise the price to $200, if you purchase today, you will get the upgrades free, for life-time!

I know its hard to get with a tool without any description or manual about it. I won't leave as such. Just check my complete online one to one documentation on everything. I answer all your friendly email until you get comfortable with ABP.

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