This is a new release of JustLikeIt! - Includes an admin panel.


Without admin panel (v1): $50
With admin panel: $75

I already bought the older version, I want the newer one!
No problem, for an extra $10 (you save $15) I will send you the newer version.

Installation / Upgrade?
It is really simple, you require a MySQL database and a text editor for config.php (New version comes with a better settings area across the script)

If you would like me to do it for you:

Install it: $15
Upgrade it: $10

After Sale Support:
Bugs _free of charge_
Customization - Small fee, depending on your requirements

I want with unlimited support and upgrades on the script!
Send me a PM with your offer, we can work something out

P.S: This is not a Facebook SPAM script - as some of the moderators thought and banned my message the first time, this is an actual plugin by Facebook Social Media, where you can put content on your site and 'Like' it on Facebook, it helps you put the word out and generate extra traffic.