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Thread: Link Protection Script

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    Link Protection Script

    Selling this nice little script that will create a nice site where you can offer link protection to your visitors.
    There are 2 different templates, and you will get both. Plus a bonus of a another script to have a site information checker (check page rank, back links, etc.).
    Your cost for this is only $3.99.

    Go to my blog for screen shots and demos.

    And yes, to purchase.
    Heck, $3.99 is really a give away price for these scripts.

    Scripts King

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    what is link protection?

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    Go to the site and find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Go to the site and find out.
    WTF? What kind of seller are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aziz View Post
    what is link protection?
    He means an url shortener, like
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Well, in short this is the way I look at it.
    I see no sense in repeating what is on the site.

    WTF? Are you going to buy?

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    You really think not spending a couple minutes was worth explaining a product you are trying to sell?

    And not wanting to repeat something is no excuse..
    Never heard of cut and paste?
    As it is sounds perfect for someone that is obviously lazy.

    I'd hate to think of what kind of support you'd give if it is ever required.

    Selling something requires commitment to the product you are trying to sell as "here, buy this and don't ask me any questions about it" doesn't tend to work really well. People that can't sell either fail or hire someone who can.

    Based on those points alone I don't think I'd be interested even if you were really giving it away as I suspect there would be no support and you and your product will probably disappear in a few months once you get bored and realize you can't sell it.

    Oh, and a little tip, if you expect people to visit the site for more information you might want to post that instead of just posting the link.

    Here is a template you can use

    Click here for more information --> then put the link.

    I don't expect you to use it though as it might require cutting and pasting.


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    Son, I have been selling on the net from the 2nd day the net was opened up.

    I do not need your funky advice.

    Again, if someone can not follow a link, they will never be a customer.

    In short, whether you or anyone else here buys or not, don't bother me.

    And guess what?
    I have so many other avenues to sell and I sell more than enough.

    So you all have your fun.

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    2nd day!
    A little slow?

    Whatever, you came across as an amateur and I was just trying to help.

    I'll let you get back to the office now Mr Gates.


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    See, you make assumptions not even knowing me.

    Which is your problem.

    I will let you go back to teaching and not doing.

    PS...I am having fun with this thread and you people!
    So don't take anything said seriously, as I am not taking anything said seriously.
    Just having some laugh time here.

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