Hey guys, I'm selling you all a script that I've just not had the time to get up and running due to my affiliate marketing and content creation services.

I'd hate to see it just rot away on my hard drive and think this is the most sensable thing to do.

The gist of this script is that it's a twitter train script which means that people join your site and have the option of buying VIP spots.

VIP spots are essentially how you make your money, I can show serious buyers pictures of my old site (which I didn't upkeep) and you can judge for yourselves.

I used to sell this script for 250$ but that was way back in the day when this was brand new, there's still money to be made but definitely the competition has grown which is why I'm offering this script for just 50$ to the first 10 people.

Here are some example sites which function off similar (or the same) script

Twitter Train - getting more twitter followers using a twitter train
TwitterTrain.Org - Ride the Twitter Train

I've also got a great domain (the one I used)

getfreefollowers.com - Cheap Domain Name Registration and Transfers, SSL certificates, whoisguard privacy protection and free domain parking

It was getting about 2000 views daily and if anyone wants it to set up their script feel free to ask and we can work something out.

In any case this is definitely a great script and for the right people (who know how to promote their site) this is a great way to make hundreds if not thousands.

OH! I'm also including a database with about 5,500 users but not sure how many of them changed their passwords - most should be good though.

Anyone interested just send me a PM or email to teamkon@live.ca

Good luck and happy scripting!