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Thread: Make Money from Unused Domains

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    Make Money from Unused Domains

    WEBMASTER solutions
    to make money from unused domain names. Simply parked is a PHP script which by just entering keywords- gives you a full automated video and article website with targeted advertising and Amazon products
    Make a website in minutes! Just add keywords and you have a automated website in seconds!
    Do you have unused Domains sitting idle? Well make them pay for themselves with this great webmaster tool! Turn your unused domains into cash right now.What ever subject or genre can make you money.This product features Videos and articles related to your keywords.Comment system is included for article submission or related material(keep the SEO bots happy!)Change the look and feel of your website with just one image file. Comes with 5 themes free!Dont forget you can use it on as many domains as you like.

    For complete details, including demos, and to purchase this script go to:
    Make Money from Unused Domains

    PS...the price for the above is set way, way LOW!

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    Hi Dawg,

    Sold, This looks like a good deal and simple to run.



    P.S. I had to give a review on this script. OMG is it easy even a dummy like me can make it work.

    It also helped that in the script it was marked in green on where to add the AdSense and Amazon codes along with samples.

    This took me only about 20 mins to have it up and running. I am sure that the next one will be able to be done in less time, Now that I know what I am doing. I also had to add a Privacy Page so i made a simple link in the footer.

    I found a small flaw but this might be my lack of knowledge with coding/keywords.

    When you enter your keywords it only use one word keywords.

    Example I could not get the script to take Megan Fox I needed to type meganfox then it worked it took me a while to figure that out the first time. I kinda found it by accident.

    So here is the script running I made a header and changing the background color it was easy.

    Megan Fox Unofficial Fan Site

    Thanks Again.

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    This is still available....

    Sold quite a few of these.

    Thank you Sami7u for the review.
    I noticed you have more sites using this script.

    In fact I see you have one of the sites up for sale.
    This would be a good way to fill up an empty domain and then resell it ready to go with this script.

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    Earlier I used this script and in literally a few minutes, created a new niche site!
    Then I spent a little time getting ads to put on the site, plus the amazon carousel widget.
    All I did was follow the directions!
    One file, put in the keywords I wanted and that was it.

    Check it out now:
    Gardens & Gardening

    WOrd to those that ask: No, you use the demos as a base template...they are changed on the fly with the keywords you add into one file.

    May extend this to a few other domains of mine.

    Hey, for $5.99, you get a winner here!!

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