I need a quote for a Firefox add-on.

The purpose of this add-on is to automatically change the proxy settings in Firefox to the settings my users will need. Too many of them are frustrated about having to enter the settings manually.


Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Settings...
Change setting to 'Manual Configuration'
Port: 9853

It is important that these settings are all forcibly changed to blank (no data entered into the fields)

HTTP Host:
SSL Proxy:
FTP Proxy:

The corresponding 'Port' setting next to each of them has to be set to 0

The user should be able to quickly toggle the proxy on and off. So when it's off, the setting would be:

Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network --> Settings...
Change setting to 'No Proxy'

A perfect example of an Add-on that already toggles this exact setting is QuickProxy: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir...xy/?src=search

QuickProxy places an icon in the lower right corner of the browser. When the icon is clicked, it turns green meaning the proxy is on. When the icon is clicked again, it turns red indicating that the proxy is off.