Are you tired of paying high commission for selling your files? Do you want to send the file to your clients right after they pay you? Do you want to protect your work?

PayPal fileshop comes with very good protection methods! The download link sent to the buyer can expire in as many hours as you want and you can limit the download link to be able to be used only by the buyer.

You can control every detail of your item:

  • Name
  • Short description
  • Description
  • Preview image
  • Price
  • Maximum number of sales
  • Hide it from the menu

The site can be configured from a configuration file [Index page content, Currency, The valability of the download links (in hours, you can set it to unlimited too), Limit the download link to the buyer's IP and much more], everything is explained and you don't need technical knowledge to use the script.

The installation can be done in 6 easy steps and the script will be ready to use in less then a minute. (However I can install it for you free of charge)

  1. Unlimited domains license - 20$ (First 2 buyers get it for 15$)
  2. Reseller license - 60$ (first 2 buyers get it for 50$)

Demo: PPFS

Download link example: (non working link!)

Contact me for my PayPal e-mail if you're interested in purchasing the script.

Best regards,