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Thread: Simple Backup Software

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    Simple Backup Software

    I must be crazy, but I am thinking to give away my latest software for free. As usual it took weeks to develop, but I need to get a following of enthusiastic users for it to gain a foothold in an over-crowded marketplace.

    Here it is in my start menu (outlined in green):

    My previous software products are outlined in orange.

    This is a heads up that I will be posting about how to download the Simple Backup software very soon on this thread. The concept is to make backing up your vital files a piece of cake (on autopilot), and it will be very easy to recover these files after a hard disk failure.

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    Look forward to giving it a shot.
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    Think he will want you to use the software, not shoot it like one of your watermelons.

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    This script is no longer available via the original link.
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    I will be increasing the price to about $20 soon, so act now if you want it for free.

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    Oh wow, it's still free!

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    Hey Andy,

    Can you put a "Share on Facebook" link on that page? (I'm going to share it anyway, because I'm not actually as lazy as I dream of being), but would definitely be useful for others.
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