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Thread: Speed Site Framework

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    Cool Speed Site Framework

    After weeks of development, I am very close to providing a download of the Speed Site Framework.

    This is a website-building, and management solution for marketers, and anyone wanting to build and maintain websites.

    I have put all of my years of experience of using CMS scripts, affiliate marketing, and writing PHP code into this to come up with what I feel is an awesome alternative to using other scripts to build your niche site.

    Built right into the core are:

    • Ad click tracking
    • Content spinning
    • Efficient web page rendering
    • Tokens (with editor) to insert complex code easily into content and templates
    • Ability to turn tokens on/off for testing without displaying Adsense etc.
    • Automatic token generation from detected images
    • Automated site backup
    • Online editing of files such as robots.txt
    • Remote control API
    • Image upload and re-sizing to thumbnail, content, and gallery image
    • Easy settings editor
    • Notepad to keep notes in text or rich-text format
    • W3 standards check
    • Easy theme conversion
    • Simple install with only a password to set initially
    • Plugins and themes support
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    I added the download link.

    To install, unzip the contents of the speedsite folder to a web server.

    When you first visit the home page, you are asked to enter an admin password. This is all you need to do to install the package.

    When you are logged in, you will see an admin link to the dashboard in the footer of your website.

    To host the site on a computer for evaluation/testing, you will need to set up a web server with a test domain such as speedsite.test

    Post technical support questions in the speedsite community forum via my signature link.

    Looking forward to you checking out the speedsite solution ~ Andy

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    I can also set up this script up on your site if you want to beta test it but feel it is a bit too challenging to do by yourself.
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    Now it became the Otaku CMS. You can download the installer from here: This will result in a download of the install script to upload to your hosting.

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    Sounds interesting as heck.
    Been to your site checking it out.
    How does this work out really to replace wordpress on a blog of mine?
    EG: from wordpress to this?

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    Sorry I missed your post. I wouldn't risk converting an established blog unless you have a full backup and can revert back in case something goes wrong.

    The WP import utility converts the blog data and can re-locate the images. But the theme would need some manual conversion.

    Also, I need to test it myself importing data from the latest version of WP in case they changed something regarding the export file.

    I recently updated the home page with the latest version of the CMS and have a download link for the latest installer on the home page at Otaku CMS

    Anyone using this CMS will be an "early adopter" since I am the only person to have used it and tested it so far as far as I know. I recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the Dashboard admin since I have observed some Javascript errors when using IE11 which I need to fix.

    To check out the CMS, you can install it to a sub-directory of your site.

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    Now I am driven to get this CMS out there before the 2015 year rolls out. Check out my home page to get downloads and access to latest news: Otaku CMS

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    I did a lot of work on OtakuCMS this week. I post status updates here:

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    I have yet to get this installed.
    Much first get a domain and hosting.
    Says easy wordpress migration, but with no database, what about the wordpress database?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    I did a lot of work on OtakuCMS this week. I post status updates here:
    Is there any reason that an install couldn't be done on Wamp for local testing? Are there any special setup considerations to be aware of?

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    In WordPress you export an XML file in the Tools section. This contains all the data needed to replicate posts, comments, and get images. XML is another way to represent data. My migration tool uploads this XML file from your computer to build out the site. It pulls in the images from the web URLs of the images or moves them if on the same server or leaves them as is according to your choice.

    I use a WAMP setup myself for testing. I don't think there is anything special to set up except that you don't need MySQL unless you also set up a WordPress blog to copy.

    In Windows, you invent a domain name to add to the .hosts file in system32/drivers/etc/ which is a hidden folder. You can unhide it in Explorer settings. And in the Apache vhosts config file, add an entry for the test site that is in your local htdocs folder. And set up Apache for Virtual Hosts, and add a directory to store session IDs.

    If you get stuck with configuring Apache/PHP I can give you a copy of my htconfig/php.ini. Also, you need to install PHP5. And the config for that is php.ini in the PHP folder.

    It would be great to get feedback from you guys.

    Version 1.04 includes the latest version of AngularJS which makes the Dashboard much more responsive. I just implemented this yesterday, so please make sure you download the latest version.

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