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    Cool Speed Site Framework

    After weeks of development, I am very close to providing a download of the Speed Site Framework.

    This is a website-building, and management solution for marketers, and anyone wanting to build and maintain websites.

    I have put all of my years of experience of using CMS scripts, affiliate marketing, and writing PHP code into this to come up with what I feel is an awesome alternative to using other scripts to build your niche site.

    Built right into the core are:

    • Ad click tracking
    • Content spinning
    • Efficient web page rendering
    • Tokens (with editor) to insert complex code easily into content and templates
    • Ability to turn tokens on/off for testing without displaying Adsense etc.
    • Automatic token generation from detected images
    • Automated site backup
    • Online editing of files such as robots.txt
    • Remote control API
    • Image upload and re-sizing to thumbnail, content, and gallery image
    • Easy settings editor
    • Notepad to keep notes in text or rich-text format
    • W3 standards check
    • Easy theme conversion
    • Simple install with only a password to set initially
    • Plugins and themes support
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