We are currently selling our New Gas Price Script. The script is currently on sale for 19.99 for a two week period. There is no "Resell" rights to this script use is for one domain name only. We will need the domain is it going to be used on. We are currently doing updates with different key features. We create NEW content for your use as well.

If you would like to purchase the script there is a buy now button. We will send you the zip file with in 24 hours of purchase (usually a lot quicker)

Blue = www.gaspricescript.com/blue/

The script is written in PHP and VERY easy to install. Currently there is no admin back end we are working on a back end as we speak and will be a free upgrade for members who have purchased. You will need to create one database which will store the gas prices and user info. You can have your Yahoo, Google, Adbrite ads for revenue.

Our Demo is currently at Gas Price Script

Users: They can sign up and submit their local gas prices. This is a very easy process for the user.

Any questions please ask.