Hi there.

I am selling my vBulletin license.

It is an owned expired vB3 license. So it is a lifetime license and you can run your forum forever with this license.

However, I found out a few days ago. That if you wish to use latest versions of 3.8.7 (coming out but to ETA yet) or 4.x. You can pay the renewal fee of $50. This will then let you download the latest versions for 3.8.7 (when it's released) and allow you to download ALL vB 4.x versions until vB 3.8.7 is released.

I am looking for around $100 for it. This includes FREE installation, adding patches, converting your board to vB and adding any mods you would want. It is all part of the total price.

I am well known at the vB Support forums, as Freshfroot_. So I have a good reputation and can be trusted. Been part of vB since 2.x stages.

Thanks for your time.