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Dear Blogger and Affiliate Marketer,

The fastest and easiest way to make money online is by selling others people’s products and earning commissions or referral fees; this is called affiliate marketing.

You can make a good income without anything other than an ability to send people to the product owner’s website.

But, one of the biggest problems affiliate marketers have is that when many people see an affiliate link to shy away from clicking it or they strip away the affiliate portion of the link.

It has been estimated that 30% or more of your affiliate commissions are being stolen right out of your wallet!

That can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars each and every month… gone, never to be recovered.

As your affiliate sales and commissions grow, so will the amount you are losing.
How You Can Protect Your Affiliate Commissions and
Increase Your Income Up To 40% or More!

There are a few, rather unpleasant, ways that you can use to try to protect yourself affiliate income:

1. Use complicated custom CGI scripts, they are sometimes effective but can be very difficult to use and requires hiring technical experts.
2. Use a link shortening service, which hide the link with a weird looking Web address — although sometimes it’s only temporarily hidden — and it is a highly inconvenient solution. Plus, when many people see a weird looking shortened link the are hesitant to click it.
3. Create a redirect page, this also works okay but it can be a partial solution and require some technical knowledge to setup.


While a WordPress blog is the best vehicle to do advanced affiliate marketing they, unfortunately, make it even harder to protect affiliate links.

But now you can turn your WordPress blog into the ultimate affiliate marketing system.
Introducing WP Redirect Bot!

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