There are many things which you need to remember while creating the title of any webpage. Let me share with you some of them which might be useful for ranking well in the Search Engine Result Pages.

1.Include your targeted keywords in the Title. Do not leave the title tag empty or don't just write your company name in the title. Instead include your targeted keywords for the page and then write your company name, if you want to. Let's assume my company name is ABCMarketing, Inc and I sell Internet Marketing Ebooks. So I would keep the title of my homepage as “ Internet Marketing Ebooks” or “Internet Marketing Ebooks from ABCMarketing, Inc” Try to keep your targeted keywords at the very first of the Title.

2.Try to limit the length of your title within 60-65 characters. Remember the least amount of words you place in the title, the more weight Google will give to each of the keywords and the higher you will rank.

3.Keep unique titles for each page. Don't use same titles for multiple pages or else your titles will be competing against each other, diluting each other's impact.

4.Avoid using unnecessary words in the Title such as “and”,”from” etc. These are most commonly used words and therefore search engines don't take such words into account while they produce search results. Such words don't do any good but on the contrary eat away valuable space from your title.

5.Try to create a title which contains your targeted keywords, at least once and no more than 3 times and at the same time is a bit different and more appealing than those of your competitors. Such a way you will not only rank higher in the search results but will also have a good Click-Thru-Rate as the unique title will make your page stand out from the rest and attract more visitors. Remember, while using search engines, people click on links that appeal to them.

I feel that these things will help you make a great Search Engine friendly title and will help you attain a higher position in the SERPs.

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