Let's face it people, Alexa is now worthless.

Maybe back in 1996 it was a wonderfull piece of website, but today, it is inaccurate and ranks websites on untangible factors that can be hack very easily.

The main problem, and maybe the only one, with Alexa is that its rankings are based ONLY on users who have installed the Alexa toolbar.

Back when JohnChow was a noob, he had a pretty funny issue with this system. Here's the link.

I have done some research and found out that I am not the only one thinking this way.
On Blogoscoped.com, I found this comment which is pretty self-explanatory.
Quote Originally Posted by Tony Ruscoe
I was looking into Alexa rankings some time ago (between Sep 2004 and May 2005). They're absolute crap IMHO!

Just by using the Alexa IE toolbar, I managed to get a NON-EXISTENT website (i.e. a random domain which wasn't even registered) to rank around 1,500,000. (It entered at around 3,000,000 and took 2 weeks to climb to 1,500,000.) That might not sound like much, but it's a higher ranking than most people's personal home pages and plenty of "serious" company websites!

During the same period, my personal website jumped from a ranking of 1,800,000 to around 300,000 in just one month. After another two months, it was ranking at around 100,000! (Today it's ranking around 480,725.)

I'm not sure if it's still so easy to sway their results, but I certainly can't take them seriously after discovering all that!
I can't believe some people trade domain names and websites and use their Alexa's ranking as an argument.

Here's my question: does Alexa have a reason to be, now, in 2009?

PS: I posted this in the SEO section, which is the closest section in my opinion for all that mathers online ranking sites.