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Thread: Banned on Google: The 1,400 words you can't use

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    I really, really wonder who coerced Google into doing this sort of silliness? I'm pretty sure anyone with an Android has seen and heard a lot of the banned words, especially "sex" and "intercourse".

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    I won't be famous until 'IowaDawg' is a banned word.
    I've had a number of people report that my blog is blocked at their workplace, so though I haven't pissed off Google entirely I've apparently hit the radar of whichever 3-letter acronym agency is labeling those subversive right-wing sites as being "harmful". Hell, I have so few readers it's sorta sad to find out that one of them is the NSA.
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    Thanked 369 Times in 318 Posts far the NSA, FBI, WTF, have yet to do that to my blog.
    Maybe because I am in Iowa and you are still in Texas?
    So you should be blaming Rick Perry for your problems.

    But yes, once in a while I see certain government agencies drop by my blog to check it out.

    I should post those 1400 words and see what google does or says about that fact.

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