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Thread: Big Brother Google is at it again!

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    If you haven't seen this salvo in the MS vs Google conflict

    Googlighting - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Text does not take that much bandwidth?

    Take 1 kid, texting out 3,000 times a month.
    Multiply that by 100, 1000, or 1 million kids.
    True. But the secure emails will cost extra money which would decrease the traffic. Though the spam will increase the amount of bandwidth you'll need.

    The current system is the cheapest. But you're back to square one on the privacy issues. Though why do people expect that search engines will supply them with free email?

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    This is just another reason not to use email and use the forum PM

    I don't and never had liked email.

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    This is interesting. You may or may not believe what Alex Jones says, but he does have an interesting perspective on things. This video covers a wide range of topics, including Google's Privacy Policy and ACTA.

    Part 2 can be found here:
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