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    \Microsoft is going to launch its new search engine which is expected to be a Google killer.
    LMAO, this quote is from a website reviewing, this project doesn't even get nearly where google is at. And the funny thing is that Microsoft is going to spend $80-100 million over advertising their Bing search engine to reduce market share of google.

    They might as well just pay people to use it, because just the design is so awful and simply repulsive it makes me leave the site instantly. Either make it simple like google or create a nice design.

  2. hmm it's quite new but their search results are much less precise/useful compared to google

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    I saw a bing tv commercial yesterday, it was pretty cool. Sad they're wasting millions of dollars on this, can't compete with google.

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    bing traffic appears as referrals in analytics so can't see any keyword data for it

  5. I've used Bing a handful of times so far for some searches, and I honestly feel that is already has yahoo beat in terms of relevance, and isn't that much worse than Googles results.

    Of course it is going to give different results that Google does, if it didn't then what would be the point of having another search engine. I think Google has more of a psychological hold on people and they automatically assume what Google ranks #1 should be ranked and returned as the top SERP in every engine.
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    My proxies are already getting hits from Bling.
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    I just happened to see a TV commercial about Bing......took a short look....kind of reminds me of yahoo. Hmmmm...could there be more to the future of Bing than meets the eye?

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