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Thread: Bing Gaining on Google? Not necessarily

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    Bing Gaining on Google? Not necessarily

    Microsoft's new search engine has made some gains, but not nearly as dramatic as the buzz might indicate, PC World reports, citing new research

    Microsoft's Bing is taking a bite out of Google, boasting first-month market share gains while the competition's stronghold slips away! At least, that's what some headlines around the Web might lead you to believe this week.

    The truth, though, is that the change is not nearly as dramatic as it appears at a glance. While Bing has, according to certain data, minimally increased Microsoft's search market share, Google's position has not significantly shifted.

    Bing Gaining on Google? Not necessarily

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    It's not really surprising everyone knows Google and people usually stick to what they know. And it is still very early days for Bing if they are that great they will end up prevailing as number one eventually.

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    Bing is off to a good start and it is sending some decent traffic as well,
    And recent PR Unpridictible update from google might be an indication is, that sudden threat for competition creating pain in A** for google.
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