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Thread: BING: Microsoft's new search engine

  1. BING: Microsoft's new search engine

    It has already been confirmed that Bing will be the name of Microsoft's new search engine. It opens the new chapter of Microsoft trying to beat the world's #1 Search engine, Google.

    Honestly, I don't believe that this one cannot really beat Google when it comes to search engine reliability. And I'm a bit confused why it was named Bing
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    Yup.. i also think... google has captured the market with so ease and is now the classic
    king. the word google has become the superior king of them all..
    i dont think in the next 5 years or so any company givin even competition to google..

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    It was the same as our city mayor's name, Evelio "Bing" Leonardia, who was also involved in the Pacquiao-Hatton fight when he was one of his supporters. I am looking forward to its name which Microsoft can fully develop its potentials to its new name of their search engine.

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    Well, honestly, what does you mayor's name have to do with Microsoft's new search engine?
    What I want to know is why it was named Bing and what's the reason behind it.

    Sorry if I sounded rude...

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    "whats in a name" - is the famous quote of the past.. but I feel that name is the driving force for most websites in the current internet environment.

    as for why it was named "BING", I guess is the microsoft employees and strategists were too involved in the popular TV Series FRIENDS and couldn't see anything beyond it.
    [chandler bing )]

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    yes bing is not the best of names to choose! also what about, ah it willl reap the spillover traffic ! but MS has bought out all the domain extensions for bing! lets wait and see,always good for the users to have competition in the providers,

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