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Thread: Bing's crawler still slow?

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    Bing's crawler still slow?

    I've always been convinced that one of the main flaws of Microsoft's search engine, aside from its crappy results, was how slow the crawler was in searching and indexing new sites.

    Although I can definitely see that Bing is a big improvement over Live search, I am still not impressed with the crawler's speed. I wonder if Microsoft has worked on it or if they focused solely on the search interface and algorithm?

    Do you notice anything different with Bing's crawler? Would you say it has improved or not?

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    Hmmm.. I haven't really analyzed it, but it's a fact that when I create new websites/blogs they're listed faster in Google than in Bing. I don't know about the crawls after the site has been listed though..
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I feel the same way. LiveSearch bot never indexed anything new.
    But Bing to catch up too Google now would require much bandwidth. In fact, it probably would have to like rape (i.e Super Abusively Crawl) the entire internet to make up for Years of non-crawling. If it were get everything update within a reasonable time frame. I guess its just something they'll have to figure out, but its really Microsoft's fault for slacking off with their bots all these years.
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    And I feel like the products of Microsoft get indexed fast in Bing !
    When once I used a post regarding Microsoft I got many searches in Bing.

    - Digital -

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    I came across this post by the owner of Digitalpoint saying the Bing Bot is being too aggressive trying index his site.
    [ame=""]MSNBot being too aggressive?[/ame]

    Quote Originally Posted by Digitalpoint Owner
    MSNBot was crawling at a rate of 1,287,360 pages per day
    I was right that Bing is going to have abusively crawl the entire internet.
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    Seems DP are having the opposite problem with MSNBot!

    Microsoft really need to improve their crawler in a big way before they can ever hope to compete with google.

    Hopefully they will be replacing their own bot with Yahoo's slurp as it is definitely the superior crawler.

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