Consumer Groups Challenge Obama's Appointment of Google Executive:
Google boss Eric Schmidt is a member of President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and three other company executives have left the firm to work in the Obama administration, including Andrew McLaughlin, who will become the nation's deputy technology officer.

But two consumer groups are seeking to throw a roadblock in front of one those appointments. The Center of Digital Democracy and Consumer Watchdog urged President Obama in a letter this week to withdraw the pending appointment of McLaughlin, who was Google's top global public policy official, arguing that it would violate Obama's ethics rules aimed at eliminating the influence of lobbyists on the federal government.
Schmidt spent a lot of Google shareholder dollars to get Obama elected -- and now it looks like he's collecting on that investment.

You can't buy politicians, but renting them is pretty straightforward.

This collusion of governmental and business interests will make it even harder to replace Google with newer competitors who are more responsive to market demands.