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Thread: Which Do You Perfer Yahoo or Google

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    myself i perfer to use google as to using yahoo as yahoo is a very shitty search engine and it has a shitty server backing it as you can load bots into there chat rooms and game rooms with a breeze even tho they got a captcha test in place
    obiously it doesnt work haha poor yahoo anyway you can also confuse the yahoo servers as easy as you can count 123 or say abc
    and have anyones password instantly or have yours stolen the same way so in someways yahoo isnt safe and others it is just the worse service provided on the net
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    google is the best

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    I use Google because I'm so used to it and also because its simple. Another reason it as all those image search and stuff for same keyword we search.

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    I use Google 4 Life :P
    It crawls websites... And it is Simple and fast!

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    Google is the best

    its my homepage :P

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    I like GOOGLE, yahoo is bad

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